Recommendation - http timeouts and ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

  • - IMSCP: 1.3.16 (Build: 20170107)
    - Distribution: Debian 8.6
    - Proftpd
    - MariaDB 10.0
    - Courier
    - Roundcube
    - Pydio
    - Plugins:
    PanelRedirect 1.1.5, PMA Captcha 1.1.1, RoundCubePlugins 1.2.6, SpamAssassin 1.1.1 , LetsEncrypt 3.0.0

    For many years I just used the standard mpm_worker settings.
    Now there are problems with timeouts and many ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT w/ https.

    Intel Quad-Core
    32 GB DDR3 RAM
    2x 500 GB SSD RAID1
    Domains 240
    Subdomains 108
    Domain aliases 102

    Yesterday I have changed the worker settings and it has improved slightly ... are these settings recommended with the standard fcgid settings or should I use smaller values?

    Timeout 5
    KeepAlive On
    MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
    KeepAliveTimeout 5
    HostnameLookups Off

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  • I guess I need some help here ... still issues with blank pages - Monit can not acccess port 80 on localhost and restarts apache.

  • First please, update your distro and update i-MSCP to latest version. You won't receive support for older series.


  • ### Note ###
    I will not be able to do the update until the weekend ...
    But I recognized that a certain error message appears in the daemon logs before it freezes:

    Access denied for user 'web757'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

    after that I see also a DBI connection error for the imscp_user connection
    and mostly the panel is also frozen so I have to restart nginx, panel and apache.

    The system has been running smoothly for about 5 months without any problems, so it could be caused by a customer script ...
    above database connection access for web757'@'localhost') was set to % by the customer

  • @fulltilt

    Check that you have not any apache or vlogger zombie process that take all memory or CPU.


  • CPU load looks good ... no zombies and nothing special in our error logs, v3.16 was always very reliable so far ...

    for testing I have set a higher value for fs.file-max = 4097152 and reduced open-files limits in my.cnf
    there were no problems at night, but I guess it starts over when customers working on their applications ;-)

    ### edit ###
    yep, have to update - looks like the vlogger issue

    1. [Wed May 03 08:37:23.925425 2017] [mpm_worker:notice] [pid 24236:tid 140630988191616] AH00295: caught SIGTERM, shutting down
    2. [Wed May 3 08:37:23 2017] [notice] vlogger: caught TERM, shutting down
    3. [Wed May 3 08:37:25 2017] [notice] vlogger: DBI usage tracker dump interval set to 30 seconds
    4. [Wed May 3 08:37:25 2017] [notice] vlogger: started CustomLog Handler -- resuming normal operations

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  • it seems sometimes there are conflicts w/ nginx and or php5-fpm, if I restart nginx and php5-fpm, apache2 is also back online ...

    and sometimes an nginx restart shows this error message:

  • @fulltilt

    Such error shouldn't occurs because Apache shouldn't listens on the 8880 and 8443 ports.

    ANYWAY PLEASE, UPDATE TO latest version. Once done, report the bug if any.

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