What next feature you want see in i-MSCP

  • Shouldn't it be possible to run a command as root?

    1. root rm -r /
  • @Ninos

    Look at the notice message above. This interface is for admin users ;) Customers are more restricted in sense that they cannot set the user to use ;) If an admin schedule such command ( rm -r ), it's another story...


  • @Nuxwin Nice.... a useful addition to that cronjob plugin would be that a user also can set a HTTP-User / HTTP-Password (I saw that on a hosting panel from another provider). So the user can place his cronjob script in a folder and secure this folder with .htaccess/.htpasswd.

  • @Heart1010



    It should be already possible but not nessessary if you can run scripts from shell..

  • @Ninos

    Because URLs cron jobs will be run through GNU Wget, any user/password will have to be passed as specific parameters eg: wget --user <user> --password <password> URL

    Of course, this will be totally transparent and the user will just have to provide the full URL such as http://user@password:<path><query>

    I don't see in what it's not necessary when running a script from shell... Here we are talking about URL cron jobs which are always run through GNU wget.


  • Re;

    After more thinking, I'm wondering if we must allow this feature because the username and password will be viewable through the ps command. This mean that any user which can acess to the system (through SSH) will be able to see those info... For instance, the InstantSSH plugin setup jailed shell using busybox by default, which provide the ps command...


  • Another previous of the cronjobs plugin which is still under development ;)