Mails from my domains is considered as spam by MY filter

  • Hello,

    I'm facing strange problem with i-mscp 1.3.16 installation on Ubuntu 14.04. When my mails can in theory get between 5 and 10 points of spam in spamassassin, it will be sent to recipient, however it will be sent with spam title in mail title and it will have spam points listed in content. What is strange - this thing is done by my spamassassin server, eg. spamassassin installed on my server (this one used to send emails) is telling recipients that my emails are spam....

    Any idea how to change this behavior?

  • Okay @Nuxwin I think I've discovered a bug.

    If reject_spam option in plugin prefs is set for example to 10, mails with spam scoring between 5 and 10 are considered as spam - both incoming and outgoing mails. I think that if there is such setting, it should not send mails from my server, which are flagged as spam.

    I think it is not normal that my filter on my server is sending mails to external hosts which are flagged as spam by my server.

  • Well, I know this tool and I know how it should work. But you still don't understand what is problem here.

    When my user on my server send mail, and it's spam scoring is between 5 and the value set in spamassassin reject option, mail is set as spam by my server and is sent to external servers with changed title and with spamassassin explanation in mail body. It should not work like that.

  • @theqkash

    Did you looked at configuration options for the plugin? /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/SpamAssassin/config.php

    Note: If you change something, don't forget to trigger a plugin list update through the plugin mangement interface.