Mails not going out

  • Dear community,

    I've got a huge problem for quite a while now. I can receive mails but I can not send mails or at least people are not receiving them.

    I've tried sending one to my public mail address hosted at but it's not receiving any mail. Nowhere.
    But if I try to send one to my own server it is received without any problem.

    How can this be? I'm using 1.3.7

    Kind regards,

  • Hello,

    1. Logs (/var/log/mail.log)?
    2. Any mailer daemon returned mails come to you back or not?
    3. mailq command run on server is showing your mails in queue or not?

    Also, check your mail by using - you will know if your emails and server configuration is okay or not okay.

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  • 1. Is attached to this post
    2. No, I have not get any returned mails yet.
    3. All of them are in the queue


    • mail.log.txt

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  • Just click on the link in your screenshot:…?ip=

    Emails from your email server were rejected because the PTR Resource Record (PTR-RR) of your IP address does not follow our guidelines. Possible reasons for this can be:

    • The PTR-RR states that the IP address was dynamically allocated.
    • The PTR-RR is a generic standard entry of your provider. Please allocate an independent and fully qualified domain name (Fully Qualified Domain Name - FQDN) to your email server and enter the corresponding valid PTR-RR.
    • Individual rejection of the PTR-RR for system protection reasons. Please contact the administrator of your system who should then contact us.
  • I use a FQDN (, so that can't be the issue. Maybe my IP/Domain is on a blacklist at and therefore they're blocking my mails.
    I do not have mail accounts on other providers to check my theory.

    I've created a gmail account to check my theory. Mail is getting received.
    It has to do with itself then.

    Guess I found the issue.
    I have set a FQDN on my server "" but I did not assign it to my IP as well.
    Guess that's what creating the conflict at the mail provider.

    I have to wait for the rDNS changes and see.


    rDNS changes are assigned and my mails are coming through again.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Exactly this was the problem :)
    Providers use this as one mechanism to detect spam mails from dyn IP addresses

    Your IP address a.b.c.d is associated with the domain
    Nevertheless your message appears to be sent from
    You may want to change your pointer (PTR type) DNS record and the host name of your server to the same value.
    Here are the tested values for this check:

    • IP: a.b.c.d
    • HELO:
    • rDNS: