Aliases not remove

  • Hello,

    Please run:

    1. # perl /var/www/imscp/engine/imscp-rqst-mngr -v

    and show us the full output.


  • You already deleted the DB entries? If not, don't do that, do like Nuxwin said.
    W/o debug information we can not help and we can not find out where the issue actually was.
    If you already removed the db entries, so now you need to edit the postfix alias maps manually or rerun the setup so the alias maps are recreated by i-MSCP setup according your database.

  • yes, but check database for orphaned records first. if you forgot to delete something, that is referring to the deleted alias (like alias ftp, alias mail, etc...), else the setup could go badly wrong and you will need to fix things manually.

    I know, the i-MSCP structure is not hard to understand, but still better to wait for an answer, until you get deeper into how i-MSCP is working.

  • manually, look in to any table in the imscp db that contain domain id or alias id of the deleted domain/alias.