What kind of features you want see in next i-MSCP releases ?

  • Dear users ;

    Since our first beta version of i-MSCP, we have done a lot of work. We still awaiting about your requests for any improvement and new features that you want see in the next releases. For now, our plan is as follow:

    Plan for i-MSCP (Public Release)

    • Debug Bar - (Development helper) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • Dovecot support - Planned for Beta 4
    • Events system (King of plugins/Hooks system) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • Ftp files manager on-click-Logon - Introduced in Beta 1
    • i18n - Install/Update languages from a remote server - Planned for Beta 5
    • i18n - Switch to gettext (Machine Object Files) - Planned for beta 4
    • Software Installer - Introduced in Beta 1
    • SSL for customers - Planned for Beta 5|6
    • SSL support for master vhost, postfix, imap/pop and proftpd - Introduced in Beta 3
    • Switch from MyISAM to InnoDB engine (Database) - Done in Beta 1
    • Theme color chooser - Planned for beta 5
    • Usage of external mail server(s) - Planned for beta 6|7
    • Migration script from ispCP > 1.0.7 to i-MSCP - Introduced in Beta 1
    • New i-MSCP tree builder (Dialog based) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • New setup/update script (Dialog based) - Introduced in Beta 1
    • New XHTML theme - Introduced in Beta 1

    Of course, you can force us to change our plan if you want see some features implemented before other, and/or if you want another feature not yet planned.

    We are still open for any requests from your side.

    i-MSCP team


  • Support for other Webservers like lighttpd.

  • - cron system
    - user based php configuration
    - advanced backup system (x days backup/restore)
    - quota support
    - API (e.g. billing, order system)

  • Support for other Webservers like lighttpd.

    Hello :

    Already planned in Daniel head. :D


  • cron system for costumers.
    php.ini edit in gui.

    Greatz WuChEn

    Hello ;

    Cron system +1

    php.ini gui will come but it's a pain of ass to implement (security issue). I'll look at webmin module to see how we can do that in same way.


  • Hello ;

    - (-1) for backup advanced interface since it's pure administration task. Several backend are available, and I think that must be set by administrator only.

    - quota support is in our head.

    - Php configuration GUI interface (see my previous answer).
    - API (We have already an event system in the box (Will be improved ASAP). Billing system is pain of ass to implement since we must have some knowledge in accountancy (My wife can maybe help us on this...)

    - Cron task (see my previous answer).