Fresh install on Ubuntu 14.04.5 - Missing PHP modules

  • Did fresh install of 14.04.5 and i-mscp 1.3.5 installer errors out with

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  • So anyone running a fresh 14.04 install should update and dist-upgrade and then run above command to insure those are installed ?

  • @DZII

    No ;) Normally, the required PHP modules are automatically enabled when the packages are being installed, at least, if you start with a base Ubuntu installation. This has nothing to do with i-MSCP.

    When installing or upgrading i-MSCP, you must always do first:

    • apt-get update
    • apt-get dist-upgrade

    as stated in the INSTALL file ;)

    But these commands will not install the PHP packages by themselves. The PHP packages are installed by the i-MSCP installer (if you follow the instructions given in the INSTALL file correctly).

    Now, if the PHP packages were already installed (before running the i-MSCP installer), and if the PHP modules were disabled, you must re-enable them first by running the following command:

    1. php5enmod mcrypt imap

    or with recent distributions

    1. phpenmod mcrypt imap

    Such situation mostly occurs when you start with a pre-configured Ubuntu instance as provided by a VM image (or image created by your ISP).


  • I have never had the issue before in Proxmox or Virtualbox for VM's (Not a OpenVZ / shared kernel container) and this install is on a Dual core 2GB physical machine install done with 14.04 iso in cdrom

  • @DZII

    I'll do a new installation of i-MSCP on a fresh Ubuntu Trusty Thar (base installation) and let's you known the result.


  • Bug confirmed. I'll investigate and fix.



  • @DZII

    A fix has been added in the 1.3.x branch. See…af0104778591f9401d466bf10
    This fix will be part of next release.

    Thank you for your report.

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