LDAP or other external way to create User Mailboxes

  • Hi,

    for al larger project i need a solution to register new user mail accounts from an external program on the same server.

    I am using Drupal 7 with Civicrm 4.7.12rc and i want to set up a personal mail box, for each registered user.

    In addition, the user should also be able to log into a moddle with same credentials, which is also on the same server.

    i have two ideas:

    1. Write a drupal module, that makes all entrys in the different data bases diectly


    2. use LDAP (wher i am not very fit with), to log into all applications (Drupal/Civicrm/Moodle) and also into Dovecot and Postfix

    Any ideas, how to solve that?

  • At this moment we don't support LDAP, so you could wait for a supported version of i-MSCP that provides an API, but it's not yet on the roadmat (maybe @Nuxwin) can tell what version it's planned for. I think 2.0.0.
    In 2.0.0 there will be an API, the control panel talks with the API to perform it's actions.

    So for now I guess your best option would be your first idea. Create a drupal module that writes to the database directly.
    Maybe nuxwin has more thoughts?

  • @theemstra

    Nops ;) Nothing to say more ;)