Domain migration script

  • Hello,

    I was searching for some semi-automatical way to migrate domains between two separate i-MSCP servers located somewhere in the web. I mean all the stuff - aliases, mails, ftp accounts, webmail config and contacts etc. There was some topic before but I can't find if it have been done or not: Plugin migrate domain

    Now I'm rsync'ing all the stuff from server A to server B regarding web services etc. and setting services manually, but it would be nice too to do it in some faster and easier method like choosing domains to move and setting destination server.

    Yeah, it's easy when you are moving stuff from "Old" to "New" server, but here I have to move stuff from working server A with several clients not related to migration, and the same on server B. It's not good to run all this setup scripts only to add some clients, like it has been mentioned in other places.

  • This is planned already but because I'll add partial Multi-Server feature in 1.4.x, this will wait a bit. With 1.4.x, you'll be able to:

    • Register additional servers through the control panel of the so-called master server
    • Move clients from one to another server

    All servers will be managed through the same i-MSCP frontEnd instance which will be installed on the master server. I say partial mutli server feature here because at first, all servers will provide the same services, excepted the frontEnd.

    Note: You'll be able of course to change the master server at any time.

    Version 1.4.x should be there in ~ 3 months


  • @theqkash

    In ~ 9 months


  • @Nuxwin
    Since I can't find this in the changelogs may I ask if this ever has been implemented or has it been postponed or dropped?
    I ask because it sounded very interesting.

  • @lorus

    This is still planned but we are late.