Migrate i-mscp domains to a new server

  • Hello,
    I know that there are a lot of other thread like this but my situation is a little bit different....
    I've setted up a new server with imscp 1.3.0, I started with a clean installation and configured it with different settings and plugins.
    Now I want only to move some domains (with relatives account and email) from the old imscp 1.2 server, is it possible to export and import it in the new server?

    Thank you a lot

  • Sorry I don't follow the script..

    it looks like from a very laymen review that it backs up the old server and then restores on a new one?

    my new server is in a new datacenter and really only need to move a few gigs total, but servers are not physically near each other..
    do / can have ssh (scp) though.

    I my situation - much like his above - I want to only move a few sites....
    however i don't have any email only sites with mysql on them - either way still have several sites I'd like to move without having to manually ssh them over then the database as well. and then chmod all back into proper permissions....

    however I can / will if that is the only option.