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    Try to execute it as follows:

    1. root@peta:# cd /usr/local/src
    2. root@peta:# perl /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/PhpSwitcher/PhpCompiler/ --zts --packaged --register 7.3

    Thank you very much! so easy but I was not able to understand it looking at the error messages :(

    Thanks again! It works!

    Humm, after a quick search on the forum which took me like 1 minute:

    phpSwitcher 5.0.3 installs - but compile of php 5.3.29 fails

    I think this is what you are looking for.

    Thanks Athar, in this case google was not my friend. sorry for that. In any case my server is NOT a container, and compiling it with chroot it complains about something else missing. I did not go throgh debugging that version of compiling because on all my other servers it works normally.

    Hi all,

    I've a new vanilla setup based on debian 9 and imscp 1.5.3, all the setup went straightforward! Now I've a small problem compiling php version for the phpswitcher plugin. I'm thinking that the problem is caused by my LVM setup with these mount point:

    then, when I launch the

    1. root@peta:/var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/PhpSwitcher/PhpCompiler# perl --zts --packaged --register 7.2

    it stops with this error:

    So i edited the file adding the creation of /usr/sbin on line 473

    1. else
    2. log.i "installing dummy policy-rc.d"
    3. mkdir -p "$BUILDPLACE/usr/sbin/"
    4. echo "\

    and now it stop suddenly after complaining about /tmp. The same thing happens with packaged versions and with every versions php (7.2, 7.3, ...)

    Do you have any idea?

    thank you in advance!


    same problem here. After last apt-get upgrade all default pool.d conf file are disappeared.

    Is there any way to force regeneration? I've some hundred sites


    Temporarily I have workarounded with

    perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv


    Hello, is it possibile (with the latest version 5.0.3) to change the default version that a site will use (and so not the system one)?

    Or an easy way to do a bulk change on a list of sites? (maybe via mysql edit?)

    Thank you in advance!

    And congratulations for excellent job!

    The CMS would be in cause? I've doubts. You should check which PHP extensions are causing these segfault ;)

    Sorry for long delay, it seems strange... but it's true.... probably the right answer is:

    - ExpressionEngine Site that used as backend PHP-FPM 5.6 (debian version) caused it to segfault.

    Moving them to phpswitcher with a vanilla setup of php 5.6 works great.... (luckily).

    Now I'm trying to understand better coredump of both php-fpm and apache.

    Unfortunately apache continue segfaulting itself....

    Is there anyone that would like to give a look at them? obviously for a fee, if interested PM me.

    Thanks a lot!

    thanks for suggestion joximu but it's not the case of MaxClients.

    enabling coredump I discovered that some ExpressionEngine sites cause php-fpm to segfault! now I'm changing (thanks phpswitcher) the fpm daemon and trying in this way.

    I'll enable single error log for each hosts, thanks for idea!

    I found two things on google with the information you provided. Both might happen here, so check google or any other search function for: AH00052: child pid 5756 exit signal Segmentation fault (11) .

    It tells you what you can try. Its not much, but espsecially the first one is actually really useful.

    Thanks for suggestion, I've read a lot of thread concerning this. I didn't investigate on this way because segfault was happening in different time respect of the apache's "stop".

    In any case they are very interesting, I'm founding only difficult to understand which virtualhost is serving apache in the moment of segfault, do you think that it's possible to tell apache to log also this? Unfortunately I've a lot of different sites on this server :( Or the only possiblities is coredump?

    I've tried enabling it, let's what's going to happen :)

    In the meantime I've also raised loglevel for every Vhosts....

    Grep the information from the system and log and do a backtrace.

    Something is causing the crashes.

    Beside from that, I always recommend to use the latest version available (keep the requirements in mind).

    All the system is updated, debian + imscp.

    The problem is that I've no evidence of the "crash" in any log, when apache is not responding I've nothing in log files.

    I've also setted LogLevel debug in apache2.conf but without any luck

    Hi all, unfortunately it will be a long post but it's a bit hard to describe what's happening....

    Let's start from the beginning:

    - In a remote past (2 years ago) we had a physical server with imscp (if i remember well 1.4) and debian 7, apache+php-fpm, everything working great and everyone was happy :)

    - We have a nagios check in place, it checks every minute if http / https port was responding and also collect apache server_status data (via http://localhost/server_status)

    - one bad day apache stopped responding (no reply on port 80 and trying to query server_status browser remaing in "making an http connection to" undefinitely. Nothing in apache, php and system log. So I decided to restart apache service -> everything was great again!

    - then this thing started running more frequently, sometimes I had to restart apache, sometimes php-fpm, etc etc Looking inside I started discovering that apache (before the stop) had lot of child "logging", or in "sending reply", and quickly it saturate all child available.

    - I started understanding slowloris attack and tuned the system mitigating it (mod_evasive, keepalive, etc)

    - In any case the problem continuosly represent, at the end we thought that problem was caused by a particular site that we added, we moved to another site and problem disappeared for a lot of time!

    - some months later it started happening again :(, and in some weeks we move to a new server....

    - It is a completely different server, different hardware (with a virtualized system), debian 8 (at that time) and last version of imscp.

    - for first months everything was ok, then it started happening again......

    I'm completely afflicted, now the setup is: debian 9 + apache + php-fpm + imscp 1.5.3, but it still suddenly stop

    - I tryied tuning everything in apache, testing ram, testing hard disk, tryied tuning sysctl parameter for tcp connection... nothing worked.

    The problem randomly simply happen:

    - If i connect strace to apache PIDs they output nothing, simply the process is waiting for????

    - on server_status no evidence, no growth of child, from one minute to another it stopped answerying query

    - if I restart apache everything started working again :(

    - sometime I've to restart also php-fpm

    in apache error.log nothing at the time of the event, sometimes I've this error:

    [core:notice] [pid 27873:tid 140018606080064] AH00052: child pid 5756 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

    are this in some way connected?

    I thought to migrate to apache ITK, but, unfortunately, we had more than one PHP version and so I can't use that MPM.

    I'm really frustrated because I've no notice in any error of what's happening and my idea are exhausted, so I'm kindly asking if someone can help me or can point me in some direction.

    Thank you very much!