I-mscp work on ubuntu 16.04 on raspberry pi 2

  • Hi
    I finally got I-mscp on raspberry pi, but.
    After reboot my network does't work.
    I google about that and i found the problem is the default eth0 is called smsc95xx.

    Any suggestion ?
    Admins and moderators please forgive me if I bad post/topics.

  • Admins and moderators please forgive me if I bad post/topics.

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  • glad that you figured out ☺

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  • OK people !
    I finally got I-MSCP running on Raspberry PI 2 with Ubuntu 16.04.

    If anyone wanna make things work, here are the steps.

    1. You need a Raspberry PI 2 or 3
    2. SD card class 10 - 8GB or bigger.
    3. Ubuntu image from here: https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/download/ (I use Ubuntu Server Standard 16.04)
    4. unzip the image.
    5. use Win32 Disk Imager to install image on SD card.

    6. after boot, default username and password is "ubuntu" , "ubuntu" .

    7. run apt-get update, and proceed with I-MSCP install.

    WARNING ! ! ! Do NOT run apt-get dist-upgrade. If you run that, you will lose internet connection.

    If someone found a solve for that problem, I wait for that.

  • thank you very much for this news.
    While he hoped it could be installed in raspberry imscp to testing without having a complete computer.

    nothing else can it proved, it would be very interesting if it were possible installation of a distribution imscp raspbian

    sorry for my English


    muchas gracias por esta noticia.
    Hace tiempo que esperaba que se pudiera instalar imscp en raspberry para poder realizar pruebas sin necesidad de tener un ordenador completo.

    nada mas pueda lo probare, seria muy interesante si fuera posible realizar la instalacion de imscp en una distribución raspbian

    perdon por mi ingles