Backup Log

  • It is possible to implement the panel request for many months to save to (internal or external) logs for each domain? , That is, choose the number of months or days you want to do.
    For Italian law it is necessary to have the saved logs for each domain at least six months, currently use a script in cron for all domains, but it would be convenient to be able to decide by panel, on what or not to log backups by the panel and does not change .sh file

  • No logs will be deleted. You can find every logs under /var/logs/*(e.g. apache/domain.tld).

  • accurate, but wondering, for example xxx domain does not need any log, it is useless to create them and taking up space, thick thing after x months have them still there, lid was wondering if it was possible to have options in the panel in order to manage the various logs.

  • @theprincy

    This is something I wanted implement for traffic data. Thus, we could also do this for httpd logs.

    For instance, at this moment, traffic data are never purged, meaning that the domain_traffic database table can have millions records if you host several domains. Keeping all traffic data slow down the SQL queries and take space for nothing.

    For the traffic data, my idea was to add a cron task which would remove data automatically after a configurable period. We could do same for the httpd logs.

    In the script that would be run as a cron tasks, a specific event would be triggered (such as onBeforePurgeData) on which you could listen to create a backup archive before data removal. Then you would be also able to move that archive on a NAS automatically. For that part, we could provide a configurable listener.