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    Hi theprincy

    Thank you for clarification ^^ It is very unusual that Cloudflare has so long to fix a problem between themselves and a remote server. Usually there are outages of some minutes / hours. Is there a routing-problem between Cloudflare and the ISP?

    I hope Youtrack will be back soon :thumbsup: I want to check what I (maybe) can fix in the next few days ;)

    yes, it is a problem with the SSL management it has been reported several times but every time it recurs, in practice you have to go to the management and save the settings until they solve it is a break I had to disable Cloudflare


    There is no really a community here.

    on this I fully agree

    There is end users that don't really known what they're talking about.

    True, there are people who are only interested in having a panel that works, like the plesk or the cpannel who do not understand the difference between a domain and a subdomain or an email or a very true redirect, but among these there will be someone who, studying and learning, can give a hand ... I 20 years ago did not know a h of mambo / joomla and even with the passage of time I arrived in the dev team of virtuemart and mambo, this to tell you we do not take anything for granted in things, I cheer for you and for i-mscp I broke your balls (sorry for the term) different on even basic things but now I don't ask you anymore because thanks to you and your passing of notions I have expanded my knowledge and this when the comunity is it was ... I also wrote it to you on facebook .. we saw your lack of presence and the forum and the comunity suffered there was total abandonment except for those two or three people who publish the solutions to those bugs that have arisen in this period of your absence

    Just start with pull requests

    with real pleasure

    In reality nobody wants to fork, but they want you and the community to be more present, from the latest version to today there is a need to make some bugfixes well give the possibility to others to be able to add them or create a correct update version by taking the various bug reports on the forum, while you can devote yourself to development, no one is pointing the finger at you indeed we are wondering how you are no longer here with us in this project that we all believe.

    You're right, nobody can have the necessary knowledge but together we can ... in addition to restructuring IMSCP, the forum and git should also be restructured so that the community grows and flourishes again as it once was