static certificat names for admin panel

  • Hello,

    there are currently two cert files which are used for i-mscp:

    • one for services (ftp, postfix, dovecot)
    • and one for the i-mscp admin control panel via nginx

    Both certificates are located at "/etc/imscp/". The one from the services is named "imscp_services.pem" and the one for the admin control panel always has the name of the admin panel address (e.g. admin.domain.tld.pem).

    My question:
    In my eyes it would be easier (e.g. for the letsencrypt plugin) to use a static name for the i-mscp nginx cert too.

  • Hi @UncleSam

    The i-MSCP team is indeed working on making the services SSL certificated modifyable, but we're not there yet, it's planned for 1.5.0
    The ticket for this is:

    I think this would also mean it will be saved in the database, which could mean it could be generated from Let's Encrypt or such as well.
    But there are currently more pressing matters to attend, this is a planned feature.

    I'll close this topic for now.