Problems with installation

  • Good morning from Germany,

    I have some problems with the installation.
    The plugins have been deactivated and I have done all updates and upgrades from debian, but the installation crashes.

    And the i-MSCP panel shows the picture which I have uploaded


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  • Morning,

    For the panel exception, it is expected because the installer failed...

    Please provide us more information about your environment:

    • i-MSCP version from which you tried to udate
    • SQL server and version in use
    • Distro and codename

    Also, if you are ok, give me an access to your server. Then, I could investigate and fix.



  • Hi,

    • i-MSCP version from which you tried to udate: 1.2.17
    • SQL server and version in use: MySQL 5.6.22
    • Distro and codename

    But I have solved the problem on my own.
    I have installed the update over "Build" and not over "Install" and now the installation works


    • works.PNG

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  • Problem is due to the size of the dialog box. When the tall size is too small, the program end with exit code 255.
    Will be fixed in next released.


  • A fix has been added in the 1.3.x branch. See…1985733a857940c40cb571297
    This fix will be part of version 1.3.1

    Thank you for your report.