php_error.log is always empty

  • Hello,

    The user which must have write access in that case is your customer unix user vuXXX. We will implement php log soon with a button to enable/disable them as a per domain basis.


  • Well, that worked excellent. Thank you very much!

    Is there a possibility to show the content of that logfile on a webpage, e. g. in an administration-panel only for me as an administrator?

    Ninos talked about "mounting" the file to my custom folder. Is it only a copy or a link to my chosen destination folder inside htdocs?

  • It's a link. Have a look at the apache2-log files. These are also mounted :)

  • Ok, so far. But vu*** doesn't have enough permissions to grab information from /var/log/...

    So "mounting" seems not to be the solution, yet.

  • You have to mount files into log-dir of customer via root-User ;) Customer then can access these log-files..

  • ill provide a listener file

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  • Ma have anyone an example to do that stuff like mounting a file and getting its content by working with a php-script?

  • You should just way a bit for official implementation ;)