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    I'm struggling with the log rotation of roundcube log files in my imscp-installation. The amount of files is getting higher and higher, so I have to delete them periodically. Please see the screenshot here or in the attachment. There you can see, how the files look like. All those suspicious files have an ".1" at the end. What can cause this?

    I don't want to work around it and delete these files again and again. Any suggestions on how to fix that?


    I'm facing an issue with Monsta FTP. When I try to login, i come up with an Error like "Error! An unknown error occured during authentication."

    The request to api comes back with the following error:

    1. Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Expected to write 6 bytes but only wrote in /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/file_sources/connection/mftp_functions.php:1035
    2. Stack trace:
    3. #0 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/file_sources/connection/mftp_functions.php(675): _mftp_put_cmd(Object(mftp_conn), 'QUIT\r\n')
    4. #1 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/file_sources/connection/MFTPConnection.php(80): mftp_disconnect(Object(mftp_conn))
    5. #2 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/file_sources/connection/ConnectionBase.php(157): MFTPConnection->handleDisconnect()
    6. #3 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/request_processor/RequestDispatcher.php(161): ConnectionBase->disconnect()
    7. #4 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/request_processor/RequestMarshaller.php(77): RequestDispatcher->disconnect()
    8. #5 /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/api.php(60): Reques in /var/www/imscp/gui/vendor/imscp/monsta-ftp/mftp/application/api/file_sources/connection/mftp_functions.php on line 1035

    That is possibly the piece of code where the error occurs:

    1. if (!is_null($connection->logger))
    2. $connection->logger->log($command);
    3. $bytesWritten = fwrite($connection->commandSocket, $command);
    4. if ($bytesWritten === FALSE || $bytesWritten != strlen($command))
    5. throw new Exception("Expected to write " . strlen($command) . " bytes but only wrote $bytesWritten");

    I tried to update Monsta FTP, but same again. What can I do? Any suggestions?

    Hello everybody,

    it would be great if imscp would support an upgrade from mysql 5.x to mysql 8. Some great things were fixed in that mysql release like the legendary bug #199.

    Is it going to be supported in some of the next releases? :shy:

    Thanks for your advice =)

    Implementation: fcgid
    i-mscp-Version: 1.3.0

    Syslog throws the following:

    Aug 21 16:43:17 v12941 proftpd[20849]: [myIP] ([]) - FTP session opened.
    Aug 21 16:43:17 v12941 proftpd[20849]: [myIP] ([]) - [myFTPUser] chdir("/") failed: Keine Berechtigung
    Aug 21 16:43:17 v12941 proftpd[20849]: [myIP] ([]) - FTP session closed.

    Obviously permission issue. I'm trying to find out, how to solve it, at the moment.

    Creating new ftp-users is possible again, but only with "/" as home directory. Login still doesn't work, too.


    I solved it!

    I checked /etc/passwd and saw the following users:

    i-mscp master web user with gid="1001" und uid="1001"
    i-mscp web user with gid="1002" and uid="1002"

    imscp database contains "admin" table with my domain-user that has "1001" in columns "admin_sys_gid" and "admin_sys_uid". I compared these fields with one from another new i-mscp installation on a separate test-host and noticed a difference.

    I updated the values of both columns to "1002". Additionally I updated column "gid" in table "ftp_group" and columns "uid", "gid" in columns "ftp_users" for all entries.

    After that, everything works fine again.

    I hope, someone with the same problem can find this thread and saves a lot of time.

    After restoring the whole ismcp-system in cause of a system crash, I noticed a weird behavior on my domain ftp-users.

    No existing user can connect through a ftp-client (Login incorrect). Additionally, I have no possibility to modify ftp-users password or home directory. I always get an alert "directory xyz does not exist". By clicking the button to choose a new ftp home directory I'm getting an alert like "Request failed" (400).

    Is there a permission issue in my restored files?

    In case of any other issue: How can I solve it?

    Well, that worked excellent. Thank you very much!

    Is there a possibility to show the content of that logfile on a webpage, e. g. in an administration-panel only for me as an administrator?

    Ninos talked about "mounting" the file to my custom folder. Is it only a copy or a link to my chosen destination folder inside htdocs?