SRS Plugin

  • Since a few days, and do not accept any more redirected E-Mails which do not change her Header to an SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) valid E-Mail Header to do an valid SPF Check. Cause of this problem, we get actually some Errors from our customers. I have searched for a way of implementation and would like to ask if it would be possoble to generate an Plugin für the new I-MSCP Version:…fuer-postfix-unter-debian

    [email protected]>[/email] (expanded from [email protected]>[/email]): host[] said: 550-Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable 550-Reject due to SPF policy. 550-The originating IP of the message is not permitted by the domain owner. 550 For explanation visit (in reply to MAIL FROM command)

    This is the return from the and Mailservers.

  • I'll do it. First, I finnish update of InstantSSH plugin.



  • Done when done ;)


  • Done when done ;)

    Didnt mean to chase you. Was just asking since your last answer is from end of may.

    I'm coding stuff myself, so I do understand you can't give out specific ETAs all the time. Still it would be nice to know if theres any progress or if you've been delaying due to other important work.

    Currently I'm configuring this manually, but ofc manually sucks :-D

  • ATM no, focus is set on 1.3.1 + some plugin bugfixes :)

  • Even though I guess knowing the answer ...

    Has any progress been made on this? I am manually adding the domain names to config files, which is quite some work...

    There have been solutions for Plesk for about 1 year now. Is this happening or do we have to live with this inconvenience?