Some helpful wishes

  • Subdomain
    For the opening of a new domain, which isn't reachable not yeat over the the 'domain.tld' we have a the Alternative URL like 'vu20xx.....' to open it.
    The same funstionalitity would be usefull for subdomains.

    this feature also already exists, but it is "hidden", the interface propagates only the temporary url for main domain, but not for aliases or subdomains.
    in the apache host files every subdomain and alias does have a ServerAlias entry for temporary url like this (the number is the id of subomain or alias)...
    the local nameresolver also has the records for this temporary urls (in the serverhostname zone). so you only need to know the id of your subdomain or alias and your (external) nameserver, which is responsible for the serverhostname domain, should have the wildcard record enabled