UFW firewall or not?!?

  • Hi there,

    I moved to another server and wanted to stay as secure as possible. So I tried to create all iptable rules first and found an easier solution called "ufw".
    So I decided to remove the default iptables and use ufw instead. Is there anyone who has more knowledge about iptables and ufw who could tell me if it is a "good way" or not?


    Here is my current script which creates my ufw iptable rules:

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  • I use it now for about half a year and it works great for me. It has some good and some not so good parts:


    • Easy to configure (see above) - it configures all you need automatically (e.g. allow router connection, ...)

    Not so good:

    • It is not offering the complete iptables functionality - that is the part which is making it easy for normal stuff and hard if you need more than ufw is able to do.

    You can search the internet - there are tons of articles which discuss if ufw or iptables is better or not.