PHP Settings - Default charset value

  • Hi all,

    A few months back, I open a ER on the Bug Tracker, but want to get some return on it :

    In short, I've some websites that didn't like UTF8 encoding (and can't convert them), so need to set the ISO-8859-15.
    Some times ago, it was set at Apache level, but now, need to be set at PHP level (seems to override the value).

    So, just to know if that can be implemented at some point in the future, or if I need to make a note on my procedures while updating :)

  • You don't need to post both in forum & ticketing system. We already noticed your ticket :-) BTW @Nuxwin is planning to enhance the current php-editor (custom entries will be possible).

  • @Athar

    In i-MSCP version 1.4.x, the PHP editor will be rewritten. We will allow the administrator to make any PHP configuration option availble through the PHP editor. We are currently working on the new database schema.

    BTW: Normally, you can set the default charset at runtime (in your PHP script). Generally, you have always a global script which is included at runtime. You should be able to change the default charset in that script. However, I'm really wondering how in 2016, you can still use such a charset ;) UTF-8 is now a standard.

    If not, I'm happy to see you back ;)