unknown error db authdaemon_user

  • IMSCP 1.1.18
    PHP 5.4.45-0+deb7u2
    Debian 3.2.0-4-amd64

    This is still a 1.1.18 version and will moved to a new server incl upgrade soon!
    I have many unknown error in mail.err, does anyone know what the problem is?
    installed: spamassasin and clam-av

    1. Jan 15 00:18:52 host1 mysqld: 160115 0:18:52 [Warning] Aborted connection 11697 to db: 'ispcp' user: 'authdaemon_user' host: 'localhost' (Unknown error)
  • @fulltilt

    Sorry, this version is no longer supported by us.

    For the error: it seem that mysql connection is not closed correctly. This is not related to i-MSCP directly. This is related to Courier authdaemon.

    Please create an issue on our tracker. Then we will investigate.


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  • @fulltilt

    Can you please say us if you can connect to your imap server, either through roundcube or through your own mail client? I want to discard this possible case before investigating a bit more.