Update from 1.2.9 to 1.2.10 Error

  • Error while performing step:
    Settinf permissions

    Error was:
    Main::setupSetPermissions: Eooro while setting permissions: [error]
    iMSCP::Rights::_set: cmod: cannot access '/etc/courier/dhparams.pem' : No such file or directory

    Help ?

    Debian 7.9 wheezy

  • Hello @Taz-Mania

    Ok, here a solution to fix the problem quickly:

    In the i-mscp source directory (e.g. /usr/local/src/imscp-1.2.10), edit the following file engine/PerlLib/Servers/po/courier/installer.pm
    Then at line 242, change the following statement

    1. setRights("$self->{'config'}->{'AUTHLIB_CONF_DIR'}/dhparams.pem", {user => $self->{'config'}->{'AUTHDAEMON_USER'},group => $main::imscpConfig{'ROOT_GROUP'},mode => '0600'});


    1. if(-f "$self->{'config'}->{'AUTHLIB_CONF_DIR'}/dhparams.pem") {
    2. setRights("$self->{'config'}->{'AUTHLIB_CONF_DIR'}/dhparams.pem", {
    3. user => $self->{'config'}->{'AUTHDAEMON_USER'},
    4. group => $main::imscpConfig{'ROOT_GROUP'},
    5. mode => '0600'
    6. });
    7. }

    Once done, rerun the installer.

    I'll release a new version soon with this fix. Jessie users shouldn't be impacted by this bug.


  • @Taz-Mania

    Just read my previous answer. I give you the solution. ;) Under wheezy, that file is not required. A test was missing.


  • Problem fixed in 1.2.11.

    Thread closed.