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    Hello ;

    Error message please. Also, try to change list of disabled functions in the php.ini of the related domain.

    Thank you for using i-MSCP.


    I have a problem, I don't get error message :(. If I use webhosting (ex. Cpanel), and I update the Drupal modul, then Drupal don't ask FTP access, It run the update without interruption (It download the new modul and ready the update)...


    I am using the i-MSCP on the Debian 6 (64 bit), I installed the system, but I want use the Drupal 7 I can’t use the updtate. If I would like to check new things and the Drupal 7 found it, but I can’t update. The Drupal want use FTP and not update automatic download.

    I would like to ask me what should set the server, that it is use automatic download and It don't ask FTP?



    I would like to know, How can I turn on the Backup on the i-MSCP? Where is there setup panel?



    Thank you for your quick response :)

    Yes, I try but it is not success. I don't understend the correct syntax...
    Example the site: /var/www/virtual/

    What should I write? Maybe can I turn off the everywhere hosting the "open_basedir limit"?
    What i-MSCP version you are using? - i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc1.4 released; Debian 6.0 - Squeeze (64 bit)
    What server your are using ? ITK ? fcgi (fcgid/fastcgi) ? - I don't know where can I see it?



    I am a beginner user. I succeeded install the I-MSCP on the Debian server.

    I would like to install the Drupal 7. I have got two error messages:

    I eliminate the PHP open_basedir limit and I turn on the phpinfo().

    I looked the problem.

    1. open_basedir limit

    I changed the directory "/etc/apache2/sites-available" all file which includes "php_admin_value open_basedir" to "php_admin_value open_basedir none".

    I restarted the apache, but this error is not change....
    I would like to find out, where is the "httpd.conf" file using the I-mscp?

    2. phpinfo()
    I don't find the php.ini used by I-mscp.

    or maybe these problems would be a simpler solution?