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    auf dem server selbst

    wenn du im panel die backups vom admin, über den reseller bis zum "kunden" durchweg aktivierst, sollte eigentlich für jede Domain automatisch nachts eine Datensicherung erzeugt werden. Die liegt dann im entsprechenden /var/www/virtual/<domain> Verzeichnis unter backups.

    Is the Letsencrypt (certbot) plugin working for you on Debian 11?

    please try:

    Please help - update i-MSCP to run on new system

    this mod works for me w/ debian 11

    Okay, tested some plugins now... The LetsEncrypt Plugin is not installable because certbot-auto is deprecated. Still working on possible solution, but it's a commercial plugin anyway.


    I like the i-mscp Panel very much and using it since years. So I took the latest maintenance version from git and installed it step-by-step on Ubuntu 22.04.

    If required, I could try commit my changes to git github project. Until now I'm not sure if all services are running correctly, but I was able to install it without any errors (anymore) and I'm able to login to the panel now.

    I never used github (in public), but maybe someone can tell me if it qould be a good idea to create pull requests here:
    or handle it another way if it's not possible to work with that repo.




    I'm currlently trying to install the latest i-mscp maintenance checkout from git on an Ubuntu 22.04 machine. In addition to fulltilt, I was able to install the bind zone by installing the bind-utils and changing the named_compilezone parameter in 'engine/PerlLib/Servers/named/' on line 1055.
    (Changing the constant in configs/debian/bind/ didn't give any success).

    Hope that helps someone here :thumbsup:



    Which PHP version did you choose for installation? I'm currently having the same error. Installed the packages like mentioned above. But with PHP7.1 it was not working, try using PHP7.0 for installation. The version can later be switched with e.g. PHPSwitcher