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    A quick fix and it's recommended to do anyway is to disable HELO check, since you'll catch a lot of false positives with this. A lot of people have HELO mismatches, and even though it catches some spam, it's not that big of a difference.

    Test this:

    1. policyd-weight defaults | sed s/"$dnsbl_checks_only = 0"/"$dnsbl_checks_only = 1"/ > /etc/policyd-weight.conf

    /etc/init.d/postfix restart

    And try again.

    There is no links for Snapshots on the main page. The snapshots are located on the /download page.
    Stables releases and RC candidates are found from the Quick download section in the right info section on the main page.
    All links are pointing where they should as far as I can see anyway. I don't see anything mentioning Snapshots on the main page only on the /download page.

    If something is linking wrong please clarify so I can correct it.

    One thing is for sure, this is in no way WHMCS fault. As I've understood it, the host has been a victim of Social engineering, this means they have gained access to an admin account on the server where WHMCS is located, this is in no way WHMCS fault, since they are hosted elsewhere.
    It's so sad that WHMCS's host doesn't have strict enough security policies to protect their customers against these kind of social engineering / malicious attacks.

    So Hostgater "Det er en ommer", as we say in Danish.

    Please note that the official i-MSCP support is only available in the English section. We have created language corners for your convenience so you can communicate in your native language. Please use the English section even if it is not your native language whenever possible, as more of the community can respond to your requests.

    The core development team is only able to provide support in English, please keep this in mind when posting.

    The i-MSCP team.

    I think the main focus for our developers is to get a stable, bug free release out. A lot of features have been added (that should have waited for later).

    Currently we are in "Frozen" state, bug squashing mode - So the first stable release can see the light. After that, the development of the second stable release will start, and Shell access as you've requested will be added.

    i-MSCP will be a feature rich and probably also one of the most advanced still user friendly panels around. I've tested a lot of different panels and most of my own personal users have been most satisfied with i-MSCP and the projects it has been forked from.

    If you look at the roadmap, you can see a lot of new features will be added throughout the releases:

    Hope this answers some of your questions. Happy reading =).

    As another note, if everyone would just write in their preferred language in what ever section they wan't, then this would be a pretty messed up place. There is a reason for having language corners, so use them and keep it in English when it's not within your language corner.