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    For now if i configure a space quota i have to define a total mail quota as well and a quota for each mail account.
    This is very annoying.

    I would like to:

    1. Leave email quota unlimited while a space quota is definied, then mail may be counted for statistics, but is not calculated for quota (i think that is ispCP behaviour)

    2. Define an overall mail quota but NOT for each account, so quota is shared accross them. I've seen a config option that should act like this, but it has no affect or didn't understand it right. Leaving a zero at account setup is denied if mail quota is configured.


    1. Config Option for default email address behaviour for customers:
    - always show
    - default show
    - default hide
    - always hide

    If default, they should have a toggle button on the list.
    For resellers and admin only default options should be possible.
    I know it was there similary in ispCP and early iMSCP, don't know why it was removed, but i like to have it back :)

    2. Default total list length including ALL (for all lists :))

    3. I also would like to configure each default address or at least keep them in sync, because now they are created differently:
    - For main domains, abuse, hostmaster and postmaster is forwarded to reseller or admin address, but webmaster to the customer address
    - For alias domains, all four are forwarded to the customer address
    Why is this so different?

    Output of findmnt -lo source,target,propagation

    The initial cron i configured was (JAILED):
    * * * * * ls -l /

    Here are the exact steps:

    - Change into customer acc
    - Try to remove cronjob
    - Page is reloaded and it says update in progress
    - This log entry appears:

    ==> /var/log/imscp/Modules::Plugin_CronJobs.log <==
    [Fri Oct 28 21:00:46 2016] [fatal] iMSCP::DbTasksProcessor::_process: Modules::Plugin::_call: Could not delete /var/chroot/CronJobs/jail/var/www/virtual/ problem unlinking /var/chroot/CronJobs/jail/var/www/virtual/ cannot remove directory: Device or resource busy

    I click the Cronjob page again for refresh and now its an 400 Bad Request, because the plugin is instantly in error state and the page inaccessible.

    The only thing i could do so far is restart the server, then disable the CronJobs plugin. I can also re-enable it and add and edit crons, but i cannot delete this first one.

    I can give you panel and root ssh access if that will help...


    i just installed both plugins on a fresh i-MSCP 1.3.7 on Debian Jessie 8.6 Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.36-1+deb8u1 (2016-09-03) x86_64 GNU/Linux

    Testing was fine with SSH and Jobs (Jailed), now i tried to remove the ssh user from my test customer and it hangs in update in progress state.
    I then tried to go further with removing the permissions from that reseller and now both SSH and CronJob plugins are in error state:

    Modules::Plugin::_call: Could not delete /var/chroot/InstantSSH/shared_jail/var/www/virtual/xxx: problem unlinking /var/chroot/InstantSSH/shared_jail/var/www/virtual/xxx: cannot remove directory: Device or resource busy

    What can i do?

    EDIT: The test cron is still running