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    Just testing out Debian 10 support and noticed when attempting to install any plugin i get the following error

    1. An unexpected error occurred
    2. An exception has been thrown in file /var/www/imscp/gui/src/Plugin/Validate/PluginArchive.php at line 251:
    3. Argument 1 passed to iMSCP\Plugin\Validate\PluginArchive::_getPluginInfoFromString() must be of the type string, null given, called in /var/www/imscp/gui/src/Plugin/Validate/PluginArchive.php on line 442

    I know it's not production ready, just thought I would add this to this thread.

    OS: Debian 9.5

    IMSCP: 1.5.3

    Currently having a problem creating new accounts, or making changes to existing accounts like creating subdomains or removing subdomains. I get the following error:

    [Wed Oct 31 16:19:55 2018] [error] Servers::named::bind::_compileZone: Couldn't compile the zone: Unknown error



    Good day,
    Was doing some testing and playing on my new setup. Created a support ticket under a domain account to test how the ticket system works. When logged in as admin it says no open tickets under support. When logged in as a reseller i get a warning that says Array and when you click on support it just goes back to the general overview page. This happens on two different servers. See attached images

    Server 1 - Debian 9, mariadb 10.2 imscp 1.5.1
    Server 2 Debian 8 Mariadb 10.1 imscp 1.5.1

    I know im messed up tonight but im in the process of reinstalling a server from scratch old setup was using debian wheezy and virtualmin/webmin new setup is debian stretch and i-mscp and im trying to get the nameservers set correctly
    so far my setup is as follows
    domain one - - -

    both have been properly setup at godaddy for the domain and domain is set to use those name servers. now when i look at the domain on mxtoolbox it shows issues with the name server

    see attachment dns1.jpg


    domain 2 =
    setup at register to point to and

    but it's showing errors on mxtoolbox too
    see attachment dns2.jpg

    Now i know i've over looked something or did something wrong but at this point can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

    Looking for help for a plugin to bring ConfigServer Firewall into the i-mscp control panel to make it easier to manage the firewall. Any help pointing me in the right direction. Or any dev willing to make one (willing to pay) would greatly be appreciated.