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    1. wget http://localhost:8888/users/sign_in

    My answer was a 7kb file named sign_in in current dir.

    1. cat sign_in

    Cat this and you see html.

    @Nuxwin, @Heppi,
    I did everything the way you asked. as far as I can figure it out. i have here 4 pictures and 2 text documents of the configuration and my subdomain.

    After my recipe I got this apache config (slightly modified ip/name)

    I am using 1.4.7 i-mscp and Debian 9.
    You see some differences!

    On a shell on your server try a wget of your port 8888. WHat is the result?

    That is the key of the success ;) The howto should be updated to remove the useless parts (Apache vhosts creation) which should be replaced with instructions for setting the proxy with the preserve host option through the control panel. Could you take care of this?

    Wiki is updated :exclamation:
    My first time ;)

    Somebody should read over it.

    Apache log file?
    NGinx Log file?

    subdomain created by imscp? Then a restart had occcured automatically.
    When done manually, apache restart executed?

    I have installed Gitlab too.
    I followed the recipe described here Gitlab i-MSCP HowTo :-)
    Except I use now the normal Panel to configure the proxy

    After this using Letsencrypt for SSL works fine, too.

    So, overall it is easy when you follow the link above!


    Hello Nuxwin,
    I want to inform you that the debian Jessie to Stretch plus i-mscp 1.3.16 -> 1.4.7 update has successfully finished (only minor issues on my side) :!:
    I want to thank you (and your team) for that work. :thumbup:


    NB: How can I prevent i-mscp to deinstall an additionally installed package (here sendmailanalyzer) :?:

    Hello Nuxwin,
    Mailman 2.0.3 has two problems.
    1.) Minor -> gives version info 2.0.2

    1. 'version' => '2.0.2',
    2. 'require_api' => '1.4.0',
    3. 'date' => '2017-07-03',
    4. 'build' => '2017070300',

    2.) Probably fatal -> SQL file #005 the second SET command is wrong, should be "," insead of "SET". Last char ";" on prev line should be deleted. Right?

    I won't post that code, because of paid plugin. Correct?

    PS: I fixed in my setup by running directly in phpMyAdmin.