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    After the last refresh of my panel certificate I got this message in i-mscp debug:
    LetsEncrypt ( Status von diesem Posten für einen neuen Versuch ändern Incomplete authorizations

    for several domains.
    In Domain/Letsencrypt I see the same!

    It looks like a warning, not an error :-)
    might it be because of that new feature *cert which requires dns type:

    The main problem is: the buttons revoke or settings are missing then! ?(

    I would like to restrict mail space usage per domain.
    For this I set Email quota [MiB] to 4000 and Disk space limit [MiB] to 4000.

    1.4G /var/mail/virtual/
    116K /var/mail/virtual/
    1.6G /var/mail/virtual/
    808M /var/mail/virtual/
    3.7G /var/mail/virtual/

    In the database you see a split of the 4 mail accounts. Every account has a limit of 1000MiB. In this case name1 & name2 are over quota(in the moment).
    But there should be a warning (and a mail) that the domain quota has almost reached the limit. Not the single limits per user, but an overall limit per domain.

    I would like to have a real domain limit, not a "domain limit / mail user count" .

    Is this possible now?


    Excerpt from….4.x/docs/
    Chapter 1.4.0

    1. Mail account passwords
    2. New password scheme for Mail accounts is SHA512-crypt. We chose SHA512-crypt because it is supported by all software products integrated with i-MSCP. Update is automatic. Mail account passwords will be hashed automatically during upgrade.
    3. Be aware that due to this change, only the plaintext authentication mechanisms (PLAIN, LOGIN) are now supported. This is due to the fact that non-plaintext authentication mechanisms require either plaintext passwords or password scheme that belongs to the chosen authentication mechanism. To avoid problems with plaintext passwords that are sent during authentication processes, it is recommended to use SSL/TLS connections only.
    4. You must not forget to inform your customers about this change. Mail clients configured to use authentication mechanisms such as MD5-CRAM will fail to authenticate.
    1. telnet 443
    2. GET /

    gives ubuntu default ;-)
    So something is interfering or not correctly working.
    You should triple check your config again.

    Sorry I am offline now until monday.

    These are the only changed entries in my gitlab.rb. Nothing else is needed. (the commented are only to limit memory of gitlab)
    Put this in a new gitlab.rb (mv the old) and restart gitlab.