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    Thank you very much for the help. I asked in many topics because I thought the project is in deep coma. Seems it is not so deep :) I am scared to install debian 10 again because i did that before 2 years and used the maintenance release. Then half of the things did not work as expected so i went back to debian 9. I even reported the bugs ... So you used debian 10 and which imscp version ? 1.5.3 stable or maintenance release ?

    You must have Debian 10... to use Suri repository...

    You will be able to install any version

    Hello, I know this. But i can not upgrade from debian 9. I have tried debian 10 but imscp was buggy and not working properly. Also maintenance version 1.5.3 is buggy too. It should fix bugs not add features. So i am stuck :(

    You seems really mad... if you are not happy reitbrud , just leave with your rage.

    I've all the plugins you cited here, all still work flawlessly on my setup... (including latest versions of PHP).

    You switch over to another system ? nice for you, so why you keep posting there ?

    I have also all plugins paid and they work. But i can not say that for php ! My customers need version 8.2 and i cant install it. You said latest PHP do you mean really latest 8.2 and how you did it ?

    I recommend using the php repository from It works great and at least I have access to the latest PHP via the manual package installer from apt / aptitude / apt-get. I currently have versions from 5.6 to 8.1 inclusive. You just need to install a few packages with the FPM module (required). Way better than the classic method in this add-on.

    Did you find a way to install php 8.2 even from source code ?


    I am using the latest official stable panel:

    i-MSCP 1.5.3

    Build: 2018120800

    Codename: Ennio Morricone

    There is no newer than this.

    And do not install maintenance release from github except if you want to break your installation.....

    If you point me to a link for newer i-mscp panel i will get it.

    Bug tracker does not work again !

    The problem is if you use opendkim with external mail server and if the external mail server does not sign the letters.

    DNS dkim option is discardable. This means .... my dns has the key and all mail server should sign it if they did not

    just drop the letter.

    This is a problem specially if you can not disable opendkim keys for specific domain.

    The easiest solution is to add option as it was on older panels to skip specific domain from opendkim key generation.

    We have the following solutions for that problem:

    1. Remove opendkim and do not use it if you have a client with external mail server.

    2. Use opendkim with external mail server but setup the keys at server side to sign.

    3. Fix i-mscp to add option for skip specific domain.

    I would pick option 3 for sure. This was the old behaviour and i do not know why you changed it ?!

    Let allow domain owner to choose if he wants dkim or not !

    I-mscp 1.5.3 - Build: 2018051

    OpenDkim: 2.0.0

    Debian 9

    I have reported that bug already but it says too old ... create new thread.

    Thanks for the support. I patched manually webmail and some other stuff so i hope it works now by magic.

    I will wait and update next version when it goes out.

    Yes i have backups but that release touched a lot of stuff so i think it will be dangerous to try the backups.

    I still do not know if phpswitcher is working and some other plugins....