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    I am trying to migrate very old machine to more new i-mscp.

    I choosed 1.1.21 so i can be closer.

    Migrate script went fine.

    Now when running the final: perl imscp-setup

    I have the following error:





    Invalid working directory specified, =/var/cache/imscp/addons does not exist.

    iMSCP::EventManager::trigger: A listener registered on the 'afterSetupPreInstallAddons' event and triggered in main::setupPreInstallAddons has failed.

    Listener code was:

    sub {

    package iMSCP::Addons::ComposerInstaller;

    use warnings;

    use strict 'refs';


    my $rs = 'iMSCP::Dir'->new('dirname', $$self{'wrkDir'})->make;

    return $rs if $rs;

    $rs = $self->_clearLocalRepository if 'iMSCP::Getopt'->cleanAddons;

    return $rs if $rs;

    unless ('iMSCP::Getopt'->skipAddonsUpdate and -x "$$self{'wrkDir'}/composer.phar") {

    $rs = $self->_getComposer;

    return $rs if $rs;


    if (not 'iMSCP::Getopt'->skipAddonsUpdate or $self->_checkRequirements) {

    $rs = $self->_installPackages;




    iMSCP::Debug::END: Exit code: 1


    /var/cache/imscp/addons - exists.

    I know this is so old but will save me much time if i can upgrade it.

    Yes I know manually is very bad.

    The problem is that everything to be OK you must disable/uninstall all plugins. Then you make upgrade and reinstall plugins. This takes a lot of time.

    My suggestion is if you can automate this somehow in the future.

    Ok i found solution.
    Here it is.
    First you must erase from mysql table plugins the id of roundcubeplugin.
    Then upload older version 2.0.1 of roundcubeplugins.
    Now you must fix this bug:
    Edit the /var/www/imscp/gui/plugins/RoundcubePlugins/backend/ file and change line 665:
    from: ."/var/local/imscp/composer.phar require --no-ansi -n -d=$webmailDir --update-no-dev "
    to: ."/var/local/imscp/composer.phar require --no-ansi -n -d $webmailDir --update-no-dev "
    Now from webpane force retry. Install will go on and when it finish you must deinstall the plugin then delete.
    You can now upload the latest version 2.0.2 and everything is ok.
    The idea was to keep all contacts and everything.
    I hope i am doing it ok :)

    Recently i upgraded to i-MSCP 1.5.3 from 1.5.1.
    I was using roundcube 2.0.1 plugin.
    I did not deleted the plugins before upgrade.
    After upgrade plugin was not working because of the wrong directory bug.
    I downloaded roundcube 2.0.2 plugin. Erased in mysql the id of roundcube and uploaded
    new version.
    I have the following error:

    Plugin installation has failed: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'instance'Seems i have to drop other tables ? Can anyone help a little ?

    Ok i managed to fix the installation by doing:

    delete from plugin where plugin_id='XX;
    XX is the InstantSSH plugin_id
    mysql> drop table instant_ssh_users;
    mysql> drop table instant_ssh_permissions;

    apt-get install build-essential flex python-magic

    Then reinstalling from web is working.

    P.S. Sorry i missed the rules

    I have problems installing the plugin.
    I see that error in mysql plugin table:

    QLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'ssh_permission_key_options' in 'instant_ssh_permissions' | yes | {} |

    Where should I add something so it can find the table it needs ?


    Tested again with another browser and i can confirm the bug.
    The bug is related only to adding FTP user.
    Let's suppose you have 1 domain and one alias domain created and operational.
    You switch to that account You go to ftp users.
    There you have option to add username to the main domain and above that there is a drop down
    menu where you can select "Domain alias".
    On the old versions when you choose domain alias.. the panel loads the other domains and you can
    set username @ With the latest version when you select Domain alias nothing happens.
    You can only set username @ All other domain aliases are missing.
    If you need screenshots just let me know.
    But if you follow my test you will see the bug.

    i-MSCP 1.3.7
    Debian 8