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    I have the deepest respect... The entusiasm you are putting in to this is huge...

    I have read it a few times, and I think I understand the idea. And I think I can see the benefits of this. The customer backup archive request is brilliant. That force the customer to take responsibility and I like that a lot.

    I would love to see this in practice...

    I was jut thinking about the time you said something about adding simple cron job to domains/users.

    But you are right. All the things that you offered to add in version 1.1.13 sound as good solutions.

    Sorry I was carried away!

    Ohh, I understand, my bad...

    I am talking about concrete5 as I do normally - I assumed you knew about the scheduled jobs in concrete5.

    I will try to explain. concrete5 has a job scheduling system (see first screen shot).

    It can produce cron jobs (see second screen shot).

    About ionice - I will try to put my mind in to that...

    Hi Laurent,

    That would probably work, but I would like to know how you do it to day. I just did some tests with rsync, and that seem to work as far as I could make it from the command line. The nice thing about this is that I was able to rsync to a QNAP over the internet through SSH from the command line. And as I understand rsync will do incremental backup too. This is my first try with rsync, so I am not sure how to make this work securely.

    But the things that you wrote sounds great. Especially the incremental idea. That could make a huge difference.

    The cron schedule is something I have been wating on for a long time. Concrete5 can produce job url's to use that way. And if we then use Concrete5 add-on backup voodoo that could be used too, and in that way we would have multiply choices to implement backup.

    I am not sure how much the compression level would give, but worth a try!

    The option for the Admin to set max size of files - It would of course be an option to consider, but then we would not have a full backup...

    Lower te resource consumption - That could make a lot of sense. If we could make the backup use less processor that would be nise. But the problem is not the CPU's alone - The disc is running 100% through the backup, and I think that is the main issue.

    But I am up for the discussion and I will happily try things out on our develop server (it too have a lot of domains).

    At last I am happy to hear that this is something that you take seriously...


    I was worried that this would be the answer! But thanks!

    Concrete5 has its own backup solution (add-on) called "backup voodoo" that would be my choice for the future if I can't find any other solution. But it would be nice to have a automatic backup solution for i-MSCP that would be good enough for a hosting environment with more that 5 to 10 domains.

    I will look in to rdiff and see if I can figure out if that is the solution, but I think my level of knowledge of linux and backup routines is a little low when it comes to doing this my selves. It is simply too important that it is setup 100% correctly and I am not sure that I am able to do that.



    Over time when we went online with our hosting solution for Concrete5 Denmark, I was really happy to see how easy to setup and how smooth i-MSCP was running. It is no secret that Concrete5 CMS is a heavy lady when it comes to using resources. But still, both our servers is running flawlessly. But...

    Every night at midnight the backup starts on all domains. Not a huge problem when it came to one 5 to 10 domains, but now where we approach about 50 domains, the backup just takes the teeth out of both CPU and disks. (see attached graph). and it takes more than 4 hours where it is sometimes impossible to load a website, it simply times out.

    Is there not anything I can do to throttling down the use of resources when backing up?

    I think that I have read a thread where someone talked about taking one main backup and then a incremental backup. That would be an interesting approach!

    I also read that in 1.2 the backup system would be rebuild. Could you give some kind of time frame and an idea about what to expect?

    Best wishes

    The translation on Transifex is again 100%... But...

    I have a problem translating the following string:

    This is the host from which this SQL user must be allowed to connect to the SQL server. Enter the % character to allow this SQL user to connect from any host.

    The "%" is some how treated as code on transifex - The error is: Error: The expression '% c' is not present in the translation.