About upstart and inconsistent Job status

  • Sometime, an upstart job can stay in an inconsistent state, resulting to the impossibility to restart it. When this problem occurs, the i-MSCP installer is not able to restart the related service and is hanging.

    For instance, an upstart job which is in inconsistent state can be shown as follow

    1. # initctl status imscp_panelimscp_panel stop/killed, process 2001

    To fix this problem, you can apply the following procedure

    1. # cd /usr/local/src/
    2. # aptitude install ruby
    3. # wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/i-MSCP/workaround-upstart-snafu/master/workaround-upstart-snafu
    4. # ruby workaround-upstart-snafu <job_pid>

    where <job_pid> must be replaced with the pid of the upstart job process which cause problem. In the exemple above, this should be 2001. Once the script is started, you must wait it ending and once done, you should be able to rerun the imscp-autoinstall script without any problem.

    See https://github.com/i-MSCP/workaround-upstart-snafu for more details.