• Hi,
    I have installed Magento some time ago. But actually I have no installation in an I-MSCP environment.
    Do you have problems?

    Greets Chris

  • i try to install Magento and it gives me an error after accept terms and conditions.
    I think the problem is from System Req.

    i got php 5.3 and mysql percona 5.6

  • Code
    1. PHP
    2. PHP 5.4
    3. PHP 5.5

    You should really upgrade your system. As I know no of our (still) supported operating systems are shipping php in version 5.3. If you need this old version for some customers, just use the PHPSwitcher plugin.

  • this php version is used by default when i install IMSCP.
    i wish i can use PHPSwitcher but it is non-free.(i really wish i can buy it. but i don't have money. I try to add my donate button to my signature but i can't because I get over 500 limmit.)

    I have ubuntu 12.04 - 64bit os
    I try to upgrade the php version and i broke all the sistem.

    I think i don't have any other options.

  • 12.04 is still supported, but you could also upgrade to 14.04.

    PS: Why you broke your system while upgrading?

  • The easiest way then would be to purge apache2 and rerun the imscp-installer..