Joomla permission error when upload picture.

  • Hello,
    I use joomla 2.5.6 version.And I have set right permission use chmod command.I lave also set images folder to 777 and use -R to apply under file.
    But I upload pic by joomla.The uploaded pic will show 644 permission and owner/group will show www-data.It's not vu200X
    Is this joomla question?Or could fix it?

  • You unzipped your joomla archive via SSH? If yes you need to set the user:group. I recommend you to remove all files + folders and upload joomla via ftp(s). Then you should not have any problems.

    PS: permission 777 is never a good idea...

  • @ak6783

    Please, learn about umask ;)


  • Hello,
    Please see attachment.
    113055703518-IMAG0006.JPG this file is upload via joomla web upload.So it's will store images folder.But the permission is use www-data not vu2003.
    Could I edit some settings?

  • As i know i the joomla 2.x EOL (December 31st, 2014). use the latest Version and retry. when error occours again, then ask here after testing latest Version ;)

    Wich Plugin do you use for Picture Uploading?

    I'll retry. but i think it works as it should.

  • Hello,
    I use joomla 2.5.27 version.The plugins use JoomlaCK editor.Could JoomlaCK affect it?