Pyido making server side DDOS

  • Hi,

    I am using pydio with imscp 1.2.2 in my debian jessie server.

    I found a possible bug or error today which is.. when ever I tried to remove a folder like wp-content (wordpress) which contains lots of files/folder by pydio then server just get stuck and that folder don't get removes, Also this issue populates in syslog

    I has to restart proftpd each time to make my server work again. And then deleting each file works fine. But removing a directory doesn't work out and gives DDOS.

    Please take a look at my syslog, I am having hundreds of lines like this.... after trying to remove a big folder.

    Please help thanks.

  • Sorry, Don't misunderstand it.

    It is imscp panel. But my imscp registered under subdomain (cpanel). C for control and panel. I hope its clear.

    I am not trying to brand another panel.

    Here is a screenshot:

    I hope you understand how logs are generated?. It shows your subdomain names.


  • @goodone

    Please, try to reproduce the problem with filezilla. For any question about pydio, you must ask on pydio forum since this is just an i-MSCP addon.

    BTW: DDOS attack has nothing to do with this problem.


  • @Nuxwin

    Thank you for replying.

    I don't see this issue via ftp client. but only in pydio.

    I said 'DDOS' because when I tried to remove a large folder via pydio it was keep creating those lines in syslog and server CPU usage were jumped from 4% to 38% then continuously goes above..++++++ and it becomes unstable and imscp panel do not loads up.

    I think I will just replace it with net2ftp :) and see if the problem reproduce on it also.

    Thank you!