Have any friend know how to fix it?

  • I know this is not imscp question.But I have question about transfer from centos 5 to ubuntu 14.04.
    It's normal webpage on centos 5.

    It's failed webpage and show this error.


    Strict Standards: Declaration of metabase_mysql_class::AutoCommitTransactions() should be compatible with that of metabase_database_class::AutoCommitTransactions() in /var/www/virtual/jieliku.com.tw/htdocs/class/metabase/metabase_mysql.php on line 14 /var/www/virtual/jieliku.com.tw/htdocs/

    Could I lost any package or how to fix it?

  • Hello ;

    I can show you how to fix it but you must provide the file which define the metabase_database_class interface and the file which define the metabase_mysql_class class.

    The problem here is surely due to the fact that newest PHP version are too strict.


  • I upload about php file for you.Please unzip this file.
    Is this file?

  • Hello nuxwin,
    I have upload php file.Please help me.Thanks a lot.

  • Hello ;

    I'm busy this morning. I'll do that this evening ;)