How can I setup multi server?

  • Hi, sorry for asking a newbie howtos question. But I haven't found a guide about it yet on how to setup a multiserver using imscp in forum.

    Like I want to have mail server on 2nd ip and rest of other server package on 1st ip. Something like master and slave. And using only one imscp control panel. Also a different 3rd server for mysql So mysql database can sync together. In case one goes down another goes up.

    any kind of information would be helpful regarding this. Thanks.

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    Cool. No wonder why I was missing it.

    Do we have any expected date of release for 2.x.x?.

    I think I seen master and slave selection when I was installing imscp, Don't it work for setting up multiserver then?. Also there is External Mail Server in settings. What is it use for?. Can I host my mail server on different server?.