Admin login > Statistic wrong (too high)?

  • Hi,

    wondering if the statistics shown when I login as admin (and click right at the top statistics - "Server Statistics") are calculated correct. After I update to v1.2.0 they became really really high (and going higher each day).

    When I saw that I also installed darkstat to be able to compare the traffic. Running darkstat for about 8 days shows me a total traffic of about 2GB on that really small vServer. When you have a look at that i-MSCP server statistics they are way higher than that (each day!).

    I only have ~5 domains on that dev server. When I login into each of that domains and look there in the i-MSCP statistic page, everything looks ok, small numbers as usual the last months. But as admin > statistics these values are really high.

    (adding all 5 domains i-mscp statistic values also are way smaller than that statistic summary I get shown as admin)

    Distribution in use (Identifiant and codename): Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)
    i-MSCP version in use (Version and codename): i-MSCP 1.2.0 Build: 20141230 Codename: Andromeda
    Server implementation in use: courier, Apache FPM

  • Hello ;

    Well, i must check. Could you please create a ticket?