Spanish translator

  • Hi!

    I want help with i-MSCP translating panel, plugins, packages, wiki and docs.

    Preferable for Spanish (Argentina) but I can manage neutral spanish language when needed.

    I have knowlodges usgin github, editing wiki and linux. Of course I have and manage my owns linux servers with i-MSCP.


  • Hi Dax!

    Have you gotten started yet?
    If you'd like to translate the i-MSCP core you could start out making an account on, then navigate to…jects/p/i-MSCP/translate/
    Join the language "teams" of the languages you'd like to translate.

    If you'd like to translate plugins, that's a little different.
    Start out making a Github account (if you haven't gotten that already) and go to the imscp/plugins repo.
    You could search for files with name en_GB or nl_NL for translatable files.

    Submit a PR when you're done and one of the maintainers will get to checking your contribution and if it's good merge your PR and commit it to the plugin branch.

  • Hi Theemstra!

    Yes, I maked translations to Spanish Argentina, 100% in development branch and 98% in 1.1.x and 2.1.x series.

    Abuot plugings, ok, I'll do. I have accuount in github, so, i begin work soon.

    Thanks for advice.