new version of Joomla (3.3.6) in software repositories

  • Hi
    Today I try to figure out why i-mscp don't want to add my joomla 3.3.6 software to software repositories, and I think i found why.

    I-MSCP Web software repository have a conection to

    If my software is not in that list, I-MSCP Web software repository return's me with error: Your package is corrupt. Please correct it!

    Is that right ?

    If not, can someone explain me how to make/create/update autoinstall software for I-MSCP ?
    I want to spend some to time to create some.

  • Thanks. Owsome !
    Now I have some problems.
    The new version of joomla don't have column "usertype".
    In this column you enter the "ID" from the "Super User" row.

    For example Super User have the ID -> 8.

    The new version of joomla move that column in another table called "user_usergroup_map"
    this table have 2 columns: "user_id" and "group_id".

    If someone know perl language, i need following:

    -SELECT id FROM users WHERE username = admin ;
    -memorate the value like: $adminid = $row[id]
    -INSERT INTO `user_usergroup_map` (`user_id`, `group_id`) VALUES ('42', '8')

    I need this because in the script after i update the admin details, I must make him Super User, else he can't login.

    I need to use it after this code

    1. #Update Datebase with variables $sql = " UPDATE `".$new_table_users."` SET `email` = '".$sw_install_email."', `name` = '".$sw_install_username."', `password` = '".$loginpasswordhash."', `registerDate` = '".$setdatetime."', `lastvisitDate` = '".$setdatetime."', `username` = '".$sw_install_username."' WHERE `username` = 'admin' ; "; doSQL($sql);

    I put the joomlaen script for helping the work.

  • i make a mistake here:

    1. -SELECT id FROM users WHERE username = admin ; -memorate the value like: $adminid = $row[id] -INSERT INTO `user_usergroup_map` (`user_id`, `group_id`) VALUES ('42', '8')

    this is what i need :

    1. -SELECT id FROM users WHERE username = admin ;
    2. -memorate the value like: $adminid = $row[id]
    3. -INSERT INTO `user_usergroup_map` (`user_id`, `group_id`) VALUES ('$adminid', '8')
  • Please Sorry for double post ! ! !
    I found the solution ! ! !

    All I must to do was to add the value in SQL file.

    Problem Solved.
    The package working fine !

    Where to put this new version of Joomla 3.3.6 Package to anybody else use it ?