• Hello,

    I really loved ispCP used it from the beginnig sad to know its dead but great to know theres a good fork working in the right direction.

    I would like to contribute some of my time to this project as a developer.

    some of my related skills to this project:
    +8 years expierence in developing software, server applications, websites, less desktop.

    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • PDO
    • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
    • XML
    • Zend Framework
    • jQuery
    • SVN, GIT
    • Linux Serveradministration (debian preferred)#
    • Languages: German, English

    How can I help?
    I can help to fix bugs, test new versions and develop features.

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  • Any help is more then welcome. Take a look at code (many get scare when they see mix in code, but is old + new + many developers work result). Look at features required by users, or if you miss one / more features, try to code them, create a patch and attach it here so we can see with who we talk :).

  • waiting for my new server right now (should be delivered by tomorrow), after successfully upgrading from ispCP Ill take a look a look around and see if therese something small for the beginning. maybe you could point some tickets out for me.

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  • Look at Choose any. Or you can do anything you think this panel lack (frontend / backend). There is no imposed work here, anybody contribute as he can and when he can

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  • glad to be in the team :) thank you for the votes