Instert custmer SSL Ploblem

    • Distribution debian squeeze19
    • i-MSCP version in use 1.1.15
    • Server implementation in use FCGID
    • The logs None

    Domain >Add / Edit SSL certificate page

    Insert these
    Private key passphrase if any
    Private key
    CA bundle

    And get a white page when I click on Save button.

    /var/log/imscp: not found error log

    please help me!

    i use certificate

    I suspect root bandle csr is long, so occurd ploblem? root bandle these line.

  • Hello ;

    Please enable the debug mode in your /etc/imscp/imscp.conf, try again and post us the error message if any.

    Note: Once your debug session is finished, don't forget do disable the debug mode ;)