Backup problem 1.1.13

  • its not a good idea because backup includes main logs folder whats contain error and access logs....for me contains 2 files aproximately 2GB size....

    i have another idea....

    this: '--exclude=logs',
    change to: '--exclude=$homeDir/logs',

    ahhh....test: backup contains htdocs/logs directory but creates backup file with crc error:S

  • I use (other server) debian 6 @ I-MSCP 1.1.0 beta 2
    There 3GB web folder daily 4-6k user, 3k + post, 12k picture, (WP).
    Send mail every day, that was written to the cache file can not be saved.
    But the backup perfect!

  • Use varnish...for you its ideal:)
    On my server aproximately have same daily users...but on multiple sites.
    I dont use varnish now but for me is not sure varnish implementation getting to much "positives"
    Look this loads:
    Imscp in normal case was unable to work at this loads...
    But after some configurations on php-fpm & apache works fine.
    Why U use varnish? Because it "caching" your pictures in memory and the backup have more time to create the file before some file was "changed".