Some small FAQ to the current Situation!

    • Why a ispCP fork ?
      Due to some disagreements with the project managers

    • Can i update/upgrade from ispCP xy to i-MSCP ?
      Sure. We'll always ensure compatibility (a least for the next release).

    • Does my structure /var/www/ispcp/... still work and exist ?
      The structure will be updated according the new name (i-mscp), but we will integrate some pre-installation scripts that will ensure backward compatibility.

    • Can i still use the old ispCP Template ?
      No, the template engine used by ispCP will be removed and a new theme will be integrated.

    • When the first i-MSCP vesion will be released ?
      As soon as possible. Maximum 4 weeks

    • New features ?
      Sure SSL, External MX mail just for start

    • All distributions supported by ispCP will be also supported by i-MSCP ?
      Normally yes, but support for distributions without any official maintainer will be removed to avoid any suprises.