Apache - MPM ITK

  • Dear i-MSCP user

    If your are installing new i-MSCP version on your system and if you choose the MPM ITK, you should be aware of the following issues:

    On some recent distributions, such as Ubuntu Trusty Thar, the management of the Apache MPM modules as been changed. MPM modules are now loadable as Apache module (using the a2enmod command). However, a bug in the package maintenance script prevent the configuration of the ITK MPM module resulting to i-MSCP installation failure. Indeed, by default (new Apache installation), the Event MPM is automatically enabled and it seem that when this module is enabled, the ITK MPM module cannot be loaded since it require the prefork MPM. In most case the problem will be auto-addressed by the package configuration script in recovery mode but still that the exit code (!= 0) will make the i-MSCP installer to fail.

    To solve this issue (on installation failure), just run the following commands:

    1. # a2enmod event_mpm
    2. # apt-get install -f

    Once it's done, run the i-MSCP installer again.

    Note: As I've previously said, normally the issue is automatically addressed in recovery mode and so, you shouldn't have to run the two commands above. I've added those command here for safe reasons. In most cases, you must just rerun the i-MSCP installer.