Git Master user please, consider to update (20140120)

  • Dear community ;

    Following a bug introduced in Git Master this week, we would recommend you to update. Before updating, you must drop the httpd_vlogger table from your i-MSCP database. Once it's done, you can update as usually.

    The bug has been introduced with the new logger (vlogger) which is responsible to store logs from Apache and keep track of usage data. Because no new i-MSCP version has been released since the integration of vlogger, no update path is provided. This explain why you must follow the steps above (dropping the httpd_vlogger database before updating).

    For those which already updated before seeing that post, just follow the steps above. If you do not find the table httpd_vlogger in your i-MSCP database, this is surely because you are not affected by this bug.

    i-MSCP Team


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