About i-MSCP Git branches status

  • Daily Status

    • Working
      The branch is working.
    • Partial Working
      The branch is working but some components can be disabled or broken due to lack of tests.
    • Maintenance Only
      Serie that receive bug fixes only.
    • Under Development
      New serie under development. Most of components can be heavily unstable or even broken. The branch should be considered broken.
    • Broken / Unavailable
      Some core components are fully broken
      Unavailable: Usage of the branch is discouraged or Github repository is unavailable ( See Github status )

    Specific status

    • Stabilization Period
      The branch is in a period of stabilization for next release. During that period, several features can be temporarily broken due to a large number of changes that were integrated. The purpose of this period is to check that all is working fine, and fix remaining issues before entering in release process.
    • Release Process
      The branch is completely frozen. The release process is in progress, meaning that a new i-MSCP version will be released soon.


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